Sunday, June 30, 2013

-New OC- John Ripner Sheet

Hey guys, I bet you weren't expecting a male OC to jump out the works. Well I spent a good 12 hours working on the sketches and details, I have more info I could not fit on the sheet, which ill probably add to the description later. Any how, say hello to John or Jack Ripner, stole the name from a film I saw which had a clever way of portraying a specific person, but I digress. I wanted to make a OC that was male for a while and I finally achieved it. Also my friends are doing some RPing and I wanted to chime in with this beast huehuehue. I hope you guys like Jack and enjoy your day.

BIO: Jack/John/Johnny is a neurosurgeon and general academic surgeon, and has been dead for the past 700+ years. He died at the age of 22, at the beginning of his career and was a gifted at birth individual for his career choice. He was considered the Dr.Frankenstein of his age before being killed by a peculiar being. When he awoke to find no pulse and a key future missing from his body, his heart, he set out to find the creature that defiled his body for their own personal gain. He didn't have to get very far to find what defiled him. He was approached by his instructor, Prof. Chauliac, a famous Frenchman who wrote Chirurgia Magna, he was the very creature that did the defiling. Chauliac was impressed with how Ripner became a successful doctor of medicine that he wanted to share his form of immortality with the young man. He told Ripner of what the price of immortality was and what he must do in order to survive the many centuries to come. Ripner listened carefully and intently to his predecessor that described that he would become the thing in the dark that children would only have nightmares of. As the conversation winded down, Chauliac told Ripner, that immortality can only be passed to one individual at a time through this manner. He explained that Wihts can only exist one at a time and in order to pass it down generations that the prior must be consumed whole by the future. Ripner understood what he must do to survive, and that meant eating his own master, teacher, father figure. Chauliac assured Ripner that he would live on even after death and watch over his work as he lived on. Chauliac then told him goodbye then headed into the building; Ripner was confused by this action, for he thought that he needed to "consume" the predecessor, but before he could ask questions, his master came to a crashing fall behind him. There he was, Chauliac, mangled by the fall and twitching on the ground. Ripner had two choices at this very moment, he could ignore what his mentor told him and die or he could begin eating the mangled corpse that lay in front of him and acquire one of the greatest gifts of life, immortality. He choose what path he wanted and how could one refuse this "gift" when presented in front of you in such a manner and by someone you trust the most. Ripner kneeled before the body and unsheathed his knife. He began to cut off small pieces and indulging in the act of what seemed liked cannibalism. Then he slowly began to pick up his pace and taking bigger amounts in. What started first at small pieces of skin or fingers turned into kidneys and lungs. Before he knew it, Ripner had consumed all of what remained of Chaliac except his bones. Ripner was told by Chaliac to burn the bones on the full moon that night, then the ritual would be complete. He waited and prepped all the necessities to perform the burning of the remains. Time passed faster than expected. Ripner placed the bones in the freshly dug grave, doused them with salt and oil, then took the nearby torch off the ornate wall holder, and lit the bones ablaze. Chaliac said that Ripner would know if he completed the ritual successfully; Ripner stood still for several moments, waiting. Then like if he had a heart attack strike him, he felt the surge of energy release from the remains into his being. Almost like he could feel a pulse from a missing heart that he had, he had succeeded. TO BE CONTINUED.......

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