Saturday, March 16, 2013


Say hello to the creation from Dr.N3k0 and Corpsekillir PhD, SOCKCONDOM.

Hello ladies and gents, here to present to you the latest from Dr.Neko and Corpsekillir Phd (and Secretary Izzy), a new born icon has been born, meet SOCKCONDOM. Hes a mean bean killing machine, guaranteed to make you pregnant. He makes you cringe in your jeans, and he'll rock you to your seems. He sees when you when your sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows when you been bad or good, but he'll fuck you either way. Buy your brand new Sockcondom today and we guarantee to the first two washes will make it clean.

Well it all started with a lady having socks in her purse, a simple little joke created this hero of an item. Your more than welcome to go back and look at the stream where this happened and see how it unfolded into something greater. Credit goes to Dr.N3K0 and Corpsekillir, with the help of our secretary. Also credit to Neko for some of the lyrics. So tell us what you think of this masculine hero, Sockcondom and if you want to see more of him. With that I leave you with this one of kind creation and as always stay beautiful, people. 

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